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22 April 2016

Trillion turns customers into investors

Trillion Fund Ltd – an FCA-regulated crowdfunding platform – has announced the launch of a new tool named “Your Brand Crowdfunding”, which enables companies to engage with their customers by turning them into investors and lenders.

20 April 2016

Trillion Announces Branded Crowdfunding Service. Launches with Two Corporate Clients

Trillion (formerly Trillion Fund), has announced a hosted investment crowdfunding service called “Your Brand Crowdfunding"  to empower businesses to engage customers directly in raising debt or equity capital.


24 June 2015

Crowdfunding is growing up - but with great power comes responsibility

Crowdfunding used to be the wild child of finance. Now it's become a big business, it's having to knuckle down and face greater scrutiny


17 May 2015

Go online to find the backers for your dream

Crowdfunding gives people fed up with traditional investing a chance to help new ventures


20 March 2015

£2.5m crowdfunding scheme offers investors green income

For as little as £50, investors can share in the returns of community-scale onshore wind energy through E5 Ltd, a company set up by Yorkshire-based Earthmill

27 February 2015

Generating returns from renewables

Trillion Fund is an online marketplace where investors can view renewable energy projects seeking capital.

10 January 2015

At a rate of 7.5 per cent, the wind is blowing behind ethical investors

9 November 2014

Crowdfunding sites made clear as new comparison tool is launched

A wave of online providers offering access to alternative investments, including Crowdcube, Zopa, Ratesetter, Trillion Fund and Seedrs, have sprung up.

Crowdfunding merits its hype as a tool for risk-takers

Trillion Fund targets renewable energy.

13 October 2014

Triodos uses Vivienne Westwood crowdfund site for windfarm cash

Triodos Renewables Plc is turning to punk fashionista Vivienne Westwood’s crowdfunding site to raise 5 million pounds ($8 million) to build power plants in the U.K.

11 October 2014

Triodos Renewables sees the green shoots of a long-term 10% return

Investing in renewable energy is attractive for those wanting their money to do good while earning a decent rate

06 October 2014

Boiling Frogs: How Traditional Financial Services Are Being Disrupted


14 September 2014

Sow some seeds first to win with the crowd

Online investment websites can raise millions, but offline spadework is needed first

03 September 2014

Vivienne Westwood invests £1m in renewable energy start-up

Dame Vivienne Westwood, British fashion legend and environmental activist, has become a major shareholder in Trillion Fund

05 August 2014

Meet Britain's biggest social crowdfunding platform

The platform’s merger with fellow platform Buzzbnk, which focuses on the social enterprise sector, is set to create the UK’s largest social crowdfunding service.

20 July 2014

Crowdfunding website backed by fashion designer Vivienne Westwood set to join forces with rival Buzzbnk

A green crowd-funding website backed by designer Vivienne Westwood is to merge with a charity-backed fundraising site.

08 July 2014

Lend to a landlord or fund a wind farm? You can do it all with crowdfunding

I love crowdfunding. Thanks to this new phenomenon, private investors can now get involved in financial deals that were always closed to them in the past. That has to be good news.

06 July 2014

Green energy suppliers beat big six on price

Renewable power is no longer a costly option. We look at the deals, and also investments.

28 June 2014

Windfarms and solar energy: healthy returns for investors, but risks

Renewable energy schemes currently offer far greater returns to investors than cash Isas, but there are dangers


27 June 2014

Firms urged to get up to speed on P2P loans

The managing director of Trillion Fund, the crowdfunding platform, said clients increasingly were interested in investing in crowdfunded companies and projects but advisers were being slow to catch on.

21 June 2014

E2Energy's wind-turbine scheme offers green investors 7.5 per cent a year

If you're fed up with paltry returns on your savings and are interested in green energy, a new loan-based crowdfund launched this week could be a better home for your cash.

15 June 2014

Crowdfunding proving the perfect match-maker

Crowdfunding websites bringing investors together with projects seeking a cash injection are booming.

15 April 2014

Albion takes equity share in Trillion Fund in exchange for creating crowdfunding user experience

Albion has taken an equity share in Trillion Fund, the renewable energy crowdfunding platform, while being briefed to develop its marketing strategy following the UX rollout.

27 March 2014

Musk Joins Designer Westwood Taking Crowdfunding to Clean Energy

E-commerce visionary Elon Musk and British punk-fashionista Vivienne Westwood see eye-to-eye on a new wave in clean energy: You need to find investors online

18 March 2014

FCA announce new crowdfunding regulation - but what do changes to the rules mean for investors and start-ups?

Under new regulation, investment-based crowdfunding will include firms that deal in 'non-readily realised securities' - quite a mouthful. In other words, mini-bonds and debentures, as well as equity investments, will all fall under the same umbrella because they are all longish-term investments that can't be easily sold off.


22 December 2013

Put some green in your portfolio

Wind turbines, solar farms and tidal power – renewable energy is moving into the investment mainstream. The launch of several specialist funds and the advent of crowdfunding means private investors can invest in renewables from as little as £5.

11 November 2013

Which are the best crowdfunding websites?

There are also a number of sites that solely target green-energy crowdfunding. Some of the leaders in this field include Abundance Generation and Trillion Fund, which both specialise in renewable-energy.

4 November 2013

Small investors pile billions into UK renewable energy

The bottom line is that UK consumers, are ready for green energy and willing to invest in it, whereas the Big Six are dragging their heels on investing in a sustainable energy future for the UK, because they have so much invested in the past. Let’s leave them to it and create our own energy companies!

13 October 2013

How first-time investors can build a portfolio

Costs of panels are falling and if the installation is done right, in the right location, the amount of energy they can generate is reasonably predictable.


11 October 2013

Sunshines on yield investments

The sudden flurry has happened because returns from renewable projects, while no longer attractive to venture capitalists who want double-digits, do appeal to retail investors simply wanting steady income

13 September 2013

Community energy: power to the people

Rising energy bills, security of supply, fuel poverty and the need to reduce carbon emissions are among the biggest issues facing the UK. Communities that generate their own energy using renewable technologies can form a big part of the solution, bridging the gap between high-level international climate talks and smaller actions taken at an individual level.


01 August 2013

Would you invest in an Apprentice loser? Crowdfunding taps into start-ups and bright ideas, but how big are the risks?

The biggest draw for most people is that the industry operates outside of traditional banking structures, meaning you have greater direct control over your investments.


24 June 2013

Greg Barker: Crowd funding key to renewables revolution

Such schemes could not only provide a long-term source of finance for renewable energy projects, but also build up local engagement with wind farms or solar projects.